Uptime Winter Days: Agility Learned and Then to the Battle

While the previous Uptime Winter Days were followed by a dive into the very snowy forest immediately after the seminar, then this year’s Agile Development seminar took place at the sunny, almost green Oxforell Resort by the Pirita River.

This time around, there were quite many new people on the Winter Days, too – for the first time all the developers who joined Uptime after the acquision of the Brightspark software development team and, of course, familiar from previous summer and winter days – colleagues from our Norwegian and Danish offices.

The morning of Agile Development was summed up with a conclusion of what knowledge the seminar brought and then Winter Days continued in the open air or in the virtual world. There were ATVs in the forest, paintball battles were held across the river between the trees until dark, and when it was already too cool outside, you could take part in painting classes, board games or VR games in virtual reality.

The Uptime development team is constantly growing. To join our community, look here or write to career@uptime.ee.

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev