For the 15th year in a row, Uptime has been awarded the status of Microsoft Gold-Certified partner in the fields of application development, information management, data centers, and messaging solutions. “Being chosen as a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner is a testament to our team’s competence, the success of our projects,
Even though testing is usually grouped into a single activity on most development infographics then, in reality, developing high-quality software requires dozens, if not hundreds, of different tests throughout the process. A well-thought-out and robust testing methodology not only ensures that the final product works as intended, but also
If it’s decided that a new software solution needs to be created to serve the needs of a company, then one of the first things you must decide on with your development partner is the technology that’s going to be used for the project. There are dozens of various aspects to think about during this process, but some of the

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