Uptime participating in the Duck Rally – Our Great Duck is starting this Saturday!

On Saturday at 12 noon, nearly 15,000 bath ducks will be taken to the Kadriorg Park Duck Rally – this is the record of all times comparing to previous years charity rally. Among others, the Great Duck with the Uptime logo is also participating to support the Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer. Uptime has been participating in Duck Rally for the second year.

Duck Rally is an annual charity campaign organized by the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer to realize the goals of the organization, to raise awareness of the situation of children with cancer and their families, and to encourage companies and individuals to contribute to their charity.

On the Duck Rally day, 15,000 numbered bath ducks are starting a rally in Kadriorg Park water canal, and the “owner” of first duck, who finishes the line, receives the main prize. A lot of other awesome awards are being drawn between all the other participants.

Currently, it is the last week until Saturday when everyone can donate and receive the unique number for participating in Duck Rally. On Saturday you can see how it goes on Kadriorg Park. Before the competition, each donor can start sponsoring several numbered bath ducks.

Duck Rally is organized in co-operation with cancer treatment foundation “The Gift of Life” and charity foundation “My Dream Day”.

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