Uptime is Gazelle Company 2016

Uptime has won the title of Gazelle Company for the second year in a row.
Gazelle is a title that is granted to enterprises that have shown remarkable growth in revenue and profit and for being an outstanding employer.

Definition of Gazelle Company comes from US. David L.Birch discovered in the nineties that certain types of companies make the economy move. Often they are the only ones that can create new jobs in certain periods.
3-5% of all active enterprises are of this type.
Gazelle is characterized by significantly different properties than other firms. These companies are looking for ways to make things faster, more convenient and efficient and their activities are closely linked to innovation.
Management consultant Marko Rillo outlined the main features that make Gazelles move:
– A brilliant business idea, an unmet need in the market
– Strong management team, who from day one will be able to generate positive cash flow
– Strong staff

Gazelle is a company that over the last three years has grown its turnover and profit for at least 50%, has created most new jobs, and holds the characteristics of a rapidly evolving company- flexibility, speed and courage. Less than 1% of companies earn this title.

The rankings is compiled by the leading economic publications.
Uptime has been recognized as Gazelle Company for two consecutive years- 2015 and 2016.

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