Uptime Is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner for the 15th Year in a Row

For the 15th year in a row, Uptime has been awarded the status of Microsoft Gold-Certified partner in the fields of application development, information management, data centers, and messaging solutions.

“Being chosen as a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner is a testament to our team’s competence, the success of our projects, and the company’s commitment to Microsoft’s products. This acknowledgment shows that we can offer top-level development services to many well-known companies, which allows them to focus on what’s really important – growing their business,” said Raimo Seero, Chief Technology Officer of Uptime.

Seero explained that Microsoft’s product portfolio, together with Azure, provides a strong platform for developing business-critical applications that help make the day-to-day operations of companies vastly more efficient, secure, and profitable. “The software we have created is used by L’Oreal, Alexela, G4S, ABB, T Grupp, and several other well-known companies,” he said.

Taking a look at Microsoft’s platform, Seero highlighted its longevity, resilience, and a broad array of functionality to build web applications that enable companies to update their business processes or bring new services to market.

He also mentioned SharePoint and Microsoft 365 products, which enable the creation of information management systems, intranets, systems for automating routine tasks, collaboration solutions, business analytics tools, and much more.

“We have one of the most experienced SharePoint development units in the region, which means that we are one of the few with the experience to create even the most complex systems for even the most demanding customers,” he added.

Microsoft Gold partnership works as a guarantee

The Microsoft Gold Partner status is a guarantee of quality, which confirms that the company has the necessary competence and ability to create business-critical software and provide support throughout the software lifecycle.

To become a Gold-Certified partner, companies must meet strict criteria during each assessment period, including the employment of a certain number of certified professionals, a certain number of successful projects, compliance with clear quality standards, and much more.

“Unlike many other certificates and programs, you can’t just talk your way into the Gold-Certified partner status. Every year, clear results must be shown, and Microsoft must be proven that the company can use the products they have created to their optimal level,” said Seero. “We have been able to meet these criteria for 15 years in a row and we will do our best to stay the same for the next 15 years.”

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