Uptime introduced a single CMS solution what modernised 20+ websites of a media enterprise

Äripäev decided to bring all of its web portals and theme websites to a new single platform since the old platform did not offer adequate modern solutions and user convenience. For editors and journalists, the new CMS solution had to be easy to use, therefore managed with less effort and lower administration costs. For readers, it had to bring improved structure and layout logic, offering state-of-the-art reading experience.

To satisfy all user groups, the chosen CMS solution platform was NewsCycle, a CMS specifically designed for news portals. Uptime´s challenge was to develop the template platform suitable to all specific needs and requirements of Äripäev.

Our team managed the whole redesign and transfer process, meanwhile keeping all sites live and running 24/7.

Additionally, we have created an authentication solution for customers of Äripäev – a single sign-on (SSO) system. The purpose of SSO is to identify users if logged into Äripäev websites and to manage their digital access rights and accounts. SSO validates user rights to access a website or e-product which means reader does not need to log into multiple accounts separately. It makes navigation between the sites natural and convenient.

Aripaev.ee is the biggest business media portal and one of the most visited websites in Estonia.

Äripäev webs run a new CMS solution developed by Uptime.

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