In Uptime International Summer Days, Robots Were Built and Mind Games Were Played on the Beach

Uptime International Summer Days took place on North Estonian beach resort Valkla during last weekend. Co-workers of Uptime from Tallinn, Tartu and Oslo offices met each other and played different team games. Even small robot building contest took place on Friday evening.

But First, CEO Eero Tohver opened Summer Days with flag rising ceremony:

Following team competition task provided a challenge to build a spaghetti tower with maximum height, what can carry a glass of water on top:

Next task demanded calm thinking before brute force paddling on water: teams had to build a raft and then go onto the sea with this. It was fun:

Summer Days continued with (Estonian TV science competition serial) Rakett69 style tasks, what needed a lot of rational thinking and quick task solving. Different activities followed through the day until grand finale at evening, when three best teams had to build a brush robot. Winner was a team with a fastest moving robot:

Uptime Summer Days brought together co-workers from different countries, who usually meet each other face to face not very often because of Internet communication. Summer Days is always good place to see them directly.

Finally, warm summer days arrived in Estonia. Valkla beach was warm and dry, everyone had a chance to do kiiking (sporty swinging), blast water bottle rockets to the sky and of cource visit Estonian sauna and swim in a warm sea.

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