Uptime helped to develop a comfortable taxi app with many new features

Taxitech ordered a taxi app from Uptime, which would bring the convenience of ride sharing services to the traditional taxi business and which must be attractive enough to make people start to use a traditional taxi service more often.

While Bolt, Uber, and other ride-sharing services have already made ordering of their cars very comfortable with a decent mobile app, the purpose of the Taxilink app was to bring similar convenience with the benefits of a traditional taxi to all customers. Ordering a taxi from a mobile phone is much more convenient than making a call to a call centre – booking via smartphone is faster and easier. This also means more work for taxi drivers and more clients.

The Uptime team have previous mobile application development experience, but everyone knows to expect the unexpected when working with apps. It is important to identify and resolve issues quickly.

The most difficult part of publishing an app is receiving unexpected additional requirements from the app store owner.

When designing a mobile app, keep in mind that Google and Apple are monitoring the results quite rigorously and requesting a lot of data so that the app store doesn’t get anything harmful to users. There are also regular challenges for the developer to keep their mobile platforms up to date, making sure that the app still works on the latest version of Android or IOS.

Apple was very strict about registering the app, but their strict rules were largely known in advance and could be followed accordingly. However, with Google, sometimes an app becomes public and then it is taken down from the store again because the developers must provide further information or make changes to the program. Whatever is asked for must be sent promptly to allow the app to go public again. For example, Google Play this time wanted an additional confirmation of the brand’s usage rights, which was sent by the developer, and only then the mobile app was relaunched live.

Some more technical objectives and solutions can be found here.

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