Uptime expanded to Northern Macedonia by acquiring a majority stake in GateOne, a software development company

The Estonian IT company Uptime, operating in Estonia, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, acquired the GateOne software development company in North Macedonia, expanding to the market there.

The main purpose of the transaction is to find additional strength for international projects in the form of experienced developers in Northern Macedonia and to be represented in the region.

“We have been cooperating with various North Macedonian companies for a long time and are very satisfied with people’s attitudes and technical competence,” said Eero Tohver, CEO of Uptime. “As finding IT talents for international projects is a serious challenge, Northern Macedonia is a good addition to our group of companies. Given the recent political developments in the country and its accession to NATO and the European Union in the near future, it will make North Macedonia even more interesting to be represented.”

Uptime acquired 55% of the local company GateOne, what will start operating under the Uptime brand. The office is in the capital city Skopje.

The company in North Macedonia is headed by Nikola Aleksovski, co-founder of GateOne. Previously, he has also worked in social media and event marketing.

“By joining the Uptime group, we will have a clear vision for the future, and it will also help us to develop into the best software company in North Macedonia,“ said Nikola Aleksovski.

The GateOne team has experience in developing React.JS, Vue.JS, .NET MVC, PHP web and mobile applications, builds e-shops as a complete solution and offers development as a rental service to both local and international customers.

The goal of Estonian based Uptime Group is to be a strategic partner for companies by providing business-driven IT services such as software development, SharePoint solutions, mobile and cloud applications, information search and business analysis solutions, IT administration and maintenance services. Uptime OÜ is a long-time Microsoft Gold Partner and Partner of the Year in Estonia 2013, Oracle Silver Partner, and has been the Gazelle Company of Äripäev for several years.

Nikola Aleksovski, CEO of GateOne.

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