Uptime CTO Raimo Seero´s Presentation at Äripäev Cloud Conference: How to Drive the News to the Cloud?

On March 15th, Äripäev will host the Pilvekonverents 2018 (Cloud Technology Conference), which will thoroughly discuss what these cloud technologies, which are so much discussed everywhere, actually allow. It is organized by Äripäev – Estonian business daily publishing company (part of Bonnier Group) in Tallink SPA conference center venue.

Uptime CTO Raimo Seero is reporting the charm and pain of cloud technology in practice and how the news from Äripäev are moved to the cloud.

Uptime has made a number of software developments for Äripäev business newspaper, which help to bring their news to the cloud, as well as the Äripäev Info Bank’s database solution and subscriptions environment.

The biggest cloud conference in Estonia talks about why the use of cloud computing is a reality today and why it is a commercially viable alternative to on-site storage media. Various companies have already benefited from it.

Read more about event in Äripäev Conferences web and Facebook.

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