Uptime contributes to better education

Being a large IT company, we feel how important is to bring technology interest to young people.
Cutting-edge ICT sector is the key to countries´ economical success, therefore the importance of quality education will only grow.
To contribute to the upbringing of the new generation of programmers and IT-specialists, Uptime offers internship places to talented students year-round, give lectures in the universities and sponsor hand-picked projects.

This fall, we help to bring Young teachers to School.

The non-profit organization is based on corporate initiative and support, aim of the project is helping good education reach every child in Estonia. The program wants its participants to develop into a new generation of education leaders, who will ensure the education level remains high and resolve the bottlenecks we have today. Nearly 130 professionals from different industries have so far participated in the project as young teachers, most of whom have remained active in the education field: Half of the graduates continue teaching.

Kristi Klaasmägi, CEO of the organization explains “We are very delighted Uptime became our supporter. Supporters help us offer the young teachers a very modern and versatile training program and intensive development support system within their two years of teaching. Second big area is the communication program and finding new entrants, where we also use our good supporters´help.

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