Uptime came fourth in the TOP of Estonian IT companies

Äripäev’s annual TOP of the most successful Estonian IT companies has published and Uptime reached a high fourth place there based on the 2019 economic indicators.

Last year was the most successful for the Uptime Group ever, which gave it a good place among other IT companies. In addition to Estonian offices in Tallinn and Tartu, foreign offices also performed very well. More than half of the turnover came from outside Estonia. The largest export market was Norway, followed by Denmark and other markets on a smaller scale.

Uptime operated in Estonia, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark in 2019 and expanded to Poland this year.

The turnover of the Uptime Group in 2019 was over 8.5 million euros, increasing by a third and the EBITDA reached almost 2 million euros.

To compile the TOP of IT companies, Äripäev takes the previous year’s financial results from the official commercial register and ranks the largest companies according to six main indicators: sales revenue, sales revenue growth, operating profit, operating profit growth, profitability and asset productivity.

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