Summer Days 2015

As a tradition in Uptime, once a year we gather together all our employees and their families to spend some time together and celebrate our
company´s Summer Days.
This time, the event took us to a very special and unique venue, Mustjõe tavern – a place that reflects the time of our ancestors.

Being along the ancient road linking main settlements, tavern was once accessible only in the winter – when the surrounding swamps and marshes were frozen.

Competitions were held in laptop toss, precision throws at the computer mouse, human table football, traditional relay races and Uptime Masterchef, where victory went to the team who prepared the best barbecue with suitable side dishes.
We went swimming, to smoke sauna and hot tub. Childrens´ favorite were the horses, and a big swing.
There were enough activities and conversation topics to last until the early morning.

Eventful summer days resulted with the invigorating daily dozen, a shared breakfast and a fun tour round the farm fields.

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev