Overview: How Uptime helped to create a language learning tool used by 60 000 Danish high school students

Uptime has helped more than 60 000 Danish high school students improve their foreign language skills by being a strategic long-term development partner for Minlæring learning platform and Fejlretter error-correction tool.

Both tools have been created with intelligence and ease of learning in mind, by offering students a more fun and interesting way to learn the skills required.

These tools, created in a close strategic partnership between Minlæring and Uptime, have been well received by local students, as Minlæring’s co-founder Nicklas Augustine explains the reasons behind the success:

Firstly, both of our tools meet students at their level. This ensures that they can develop at their own pace and that they are always provided with tasks matching their skill levels, whilst being given constant feedback and support. Secondly, animated and explanatory videos combined with the use of gamification, which awards students points, medals, and trophies during their work, helps to motivate the students and makes it more fun to work with the language subjects in high school.

Uptime has been working with the company for over 5 years now, and according to Nicklas Augustine the partnership has worked well:

We had a challenge with the learning platform that we could not solve. Uptime was hired as a problem solver in 2015 and carried out the work with great professionalism, high-quality standards, and a high productivity mindset. The first tasks worked out so well that we chose to start a permanent collaboration on the development of Minlæring. Uptime’ business understanding is one of the reasons why Minlæring has found its way into classrooms at most of the country’s high schools.

Technologies and competences

As Uptime has been working on the project for over 5 years now, it has grown to encompass a variety of different technologies, that include: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Laravel, VueJS, and HTML/CSS, among others.

In addition to a solid tech-stack, Uptime’s understanding of its partners’ business needs and the use of best practices in its development process has helped to carry this project to new heights.

Speaking of the partnership, Nicklas Augustine highlighted the fact that Uptime is able to understand not only their partner’s needs but also the needs of the students. As such Uptime has never been afraid to offer constructive criticism and this has led to constant improvement in the user experience.

Another factor he highlighted is the fact that Uptime always works as a team: instead of a single developer, Uptime ensures that a team of skilled specialists is involved in the project, which enables continuity in all instances and enables the use of the most up-to-date technologies.

“Our cooperation is carried by honesty, transparency, and mutual trust. In their collaboration with us, Uptime has proven that they are a top-level software company with the ability and development skills to develop complex, demanding, and intelligent digital learning platforms,” said Nicklas Augustine.

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