Over 95% of customers would recommend Uptime to their business partners

Every summer, Uptime asks customers how they have been satisfied with their cooperation so far and also asks for comments on possible areas for improvement.

In total, the survey participants answered five questions and were able to add suggestions what could be improved.

When asked if they would recommend Uptime to their business partners, 95.6% of customers answered “Yes”.

The bottlenecks were also commented on. One client said: “The only concern is the human resources involved in dealing with our projects, but I understand that if we increase our desires by 300%, then there is not always possible to quickly find additional developers to solve it.”

In the current IT workforce shortage, several clients felt that some developers and project managers were overloaded at times. Here we try to do our best to find more employees to our team.

In the comments, satisfied customers responded like this:

“Professionals in their field, ensuring a high quality result.”

“People are professional, friendly and helpful.”

“I have recommended Uptime and will continue to do so because Uptime will help me do things.”

Uptime is most valued for keeping promises and excellence, and slightly less valued for reaction speed in dealing with issues and problems. This is what we need to change now by growing our teams with more developers.

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