Here´s a hint how to keep your free cloud storage amount

Microsoft’s recent decision to limit the amount of free cloud storage, instead of the current unlimited space caused enough turmoil in US that MS partially abandoned the original plan. We´ll share a hint of how to keep your current amount.

Uptime´s CTO Raimo Seero says OneDrive satisfies the needs of both personal and business users being a very good solution and could soon become the users´ first choice. Cloud technology is basic in the near future, but the transition has so far been a bit slow. Offered 15GB of data storage room for personal customers and web-based Office solutions was everything most users needed. “When it comes to cloud services, most important is to offer the customer confidence and security that their information is safe and that the space required for storing the files will not suddenly run out. Uptime welcomes Microsoft´s decision of keeping OneDrive’s existing volumes for the quicker ones.“

All Uptime´s business customers can be confident that their Office365 volumes and prices remain the same as those are not affected by the OneDrive changes. For all personal users it is worth clicking this link before the end of January – in this case, you can retain your existing storage space. For new personal users Microsoft offers one year Office 365 Personal account for free and up to 1 TB of storage space.

Microsoft product OneDrive offers the opportunity to keep your information on the private cloud account. Files can be accessed via any device, working with them, sharing and jointly managing with team members is all in one place. Work can be done regardless of time and whereabout and collaboration is not dependent on complex infrastructure solutions nor require any special software. Using OneDrive is essentially very simple as it is the familiar Office, only the storage place is different.

If the average user so far enjoyed up to 30GB of free storage space and $ 1.99 a month grew volume to 100 GB, free amount now is reduced to 5GB (for those who do not use the link before the end of January). Customers who have had an unlimited amount of space can use up to 1TB.
Microsoft’s decision was caused by a trend of web pirates keeping their 75 TB movie collections in OneDrive and abusing unlimited amount of storage that Microsoft had promised to their customers.

Despite the free space becoming smaller, Raimo Seero evaluates OneDrive significantly better than for example Dropbox – both in terms of free amount as well as opportunities to work with documents. “For me, particularly disturbing about Dropbox is, that volume is deducted also from the shared files. If someone shares a big catalog with you, your “free” space runs out and you can´t do your work.”

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