Job Shadow from Põlva: “A software developer´s work is much more interesting than I thought.”

In Uptime’s office we welcomed a job shadow from Põlva Gymnasium who wanted to use the opportunity to make sure that working as a software developer is the right future course for him.

Tenth grade student Toomas is very interested in computers, robots, and information technology in general. So, it seemed to him a good idea to come to see what the work of programmers is like.

The job shadow follows a specialist whose job he wants to learn more about in one day. Toomas accompanied special software developer Tanel to see what he was doing at work.

“It was interesting to see how this work actually is done,” Toomas said after his first day, “The atmosphere was very cozy and everyone was very friendly. I got to see how much patience you must have, and what a lot of things there are to try before everything works. At first, I imagined software development as a job where you were sitting in the office alone and not communicating with anyone. It turned out, however, that this work is much more interesting and takes place in teams, and there is also a lot of interaction.”

Toomas likes to do different things with computers and robotics. He has also set up and managed some Windows and Linux systems. However, he advises that life as a software developer is best for those who like to do a lot themselves and for those who like to sit in front of computer.

“Software development is definitely one of the areas that I am considering to learn,” he summarized his impressions and how the workday as job shadow impacted his thinking.

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