Fill up the car: new app makes it easier to get to and from the city

Uptime Development A/S, our office in Denmark developed a new car sharing app together with Nabogo. App can be used in different places to improve public transport with supporting organized ridesharing.  

For Uptime group and for Uptime Development A/S in Denmark, it is usual that we develop new products and software thinking together with startups and companies, helping them to adapt software exactly to their business models.

Nabogo is a private company, the solution has done together with Vejle municipality and company have sold the solution to several others. The new app will complement the bus connections for the citizens of Smidstrup. 

Following is an article from TVS by Anne Bolding published here with their permission.


A new app will allow citizens of Smidstrup to fill up the cars when commuting from and to the larger surrounding towns. 

Citizens in Smidstrup do not experience the sight of the blue buses from Sydtrafik very many times a day. 

Even if the last bus of the day has left, it should not prevent citizens from getting to and from the city. That’s why they have created a ride-together app that will give people the opportunity to get to and from Børkop, Vejle and Fredericia, among others. 

“The goal of the app is that we can change the way we use our cars today. We must have the available capacity integrated in the transport system so that it will also benefit the rural areas. This is because there are increasingly poorer public transport connections,” says Kasper Dam Mikkelsen, co-owner of Nabogo. 

More options with the app

When the citizens of Smidstrup use their mobile, Nabogo helps to find the best possible transport connections to the desired destination. Naturally, the app shows bus departures, but also which other citizens in Smidstrup have a free space in the car. 

Steen Rend is a member of the Smidstrup-Skærup local council, and he looks forward to more opportunities for public transport. 

“Our bus connections have been heavily reduced in recent years, so I believe the app will provide a higher level of flexibility,” he says. 

Not a replacement

The new app will not be a substitute for the bus departures in Smidstrup. The co-owner, on the other hand, believes that the app and buses can work together. 

“Our ambition is to supplement the buses. In fact, we think this is an important part of a comprehensive solution, because we would regret very much to be left without the buses, as they also create a robustness” says Kasper Dam Mikkelsen. 

Together with his other co-owners, Kasper Dam Mikkelsen and Nabogo have drawn up a cooperation between Vejle Municipality and Sydtrafik. 

It is not only the citizens of Smidstrup that benefit from the app. It will soon be widespread throughout the country.  

Nabogo is available for Android and IOS. 

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