Estonian e-solutions introduced in Norway found a positive response in the media

In Oslo Innovation Week some Estonian and Norwegian speakers introduced e-government and e-solutions and how this is helpful for government and citizens to communicate more easily. Uptime Comperio CEO Ole-Kristian Villabø also participated and gave a presentation about best practices of digital innovation.

After the event, Norwegian media published some articles about Estonian e-solutions.

HR Norge: most important is comfortable service for users and positiive user experience

Human resources portal HR Norge published article of US citizen living in Estonia Crystal LaGrone, who moved from Oklahoma to Tallinn and started to study e-voting system.

She describes why it is good system: it is very convenient for voting right from home or from any other place with internet connection and because it is so convenient, people are using it more and more. The most important thing is positive user experience and because of that, people are using e-services happily.

Estonia and Norway are similar because of flexibility and readiness to adopt new technologies, believes LaGrone. She will give a presentation about e-voting and e-services with positive user experience in HR Conference in January 2018.

Computerworld: both countries can learn something from each other

Norwegian Computerworld wrote after Oslo Innovation Week, that in many areas Norwegian and Estonian e-services are in the same high level, but both can learn from other country to do things better.

For example, Norway is the TOP country in the world on digitalization, but Estonia shines as leading e-government services country.

Estonia and Norway have developed taxes declaration systems, digital health and e-banking services. Norway can learn from Estonia, how to use more widely digital signature with ID Card at different e-services both in public and private sectors. Contrary to Estonia, Norwegian private businesses are on very high digitalization level and this is what Estonians must learn from them.

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