Employees with a career of five years or more make up 40% of Uptime

It’s no secret that in IT, employee mobility is frequent and good developers are attracted to better conditions by other companies. But Uptime has remained a permanent job for 25 people who have been here for five years or more. It´s a tradition to bring together “old people” every spring to do something exciting together. 

For those of us who make up 40 percent of Uptime Estonia team, a short golf course was organized.  We played golf on Rae X Golf courses, where participants got to know the basics of golf and tried to putt or hit the ball to the hole. Uptime developers studied the right technique and rules of the game, and then the competition took place. 

But daily life of Uptime people is related to technology and they did not get on the golf course without it. The capabilities of a new phone’s camera were tested, and it was possible that golf was sometimes left behind, as seen on the pictures and video below. 

We are delighted that such a big company belongs to the 5+ club, because such long-term experienced employees are very valuable. Next year, the 5+ club will probably be even bigger. 

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev