Collaboration solution- a modern mean for the multi-location company

In today´s corporate environment, it is vital to access certain information carriers at any given time. Importance of the collaboration capability, a tool that allows team members to work simultaneously, regardless of their physical location, is also showing growth. When it is necessary to prepare bids, contracts or other materials, and data has to be inserted by several people, the document should not have to be sent back and forth several times via e-mail, until finally no-one knows which version is the latest.
These needs can be easily solved with cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365 that offers different business solutions and guarantees data security.

However, there are plenty of occupations, where implementing cloud applications is not necessary. Files are created and stored traditionally – in desktop PC and the company´s internal server. There are all kinds of different working methods, each company has its own ways.

Moving to cloud server, which will solve the need for collaboration and remote access, is not necessarily relocation of the company´s entire IT system. Consider the needs of different user groups and move to the cloud gradually, based on the need, which also helps to distribute the costs.
Hybrid solution, which means using both cloud and in-house servers, work is done using older and new technologies in parallel, is technically very easy to deploy.
For the collaboration solution, cloud accounts are set up- since the information is now not located inside PC, you can access and collectively create or edit the documents anytime and on any device. Changes will be retained as log and the sequence will not be lost anymore. The files which remote accessibility is not essential, will continually be created and saved internally.

Uptime´s cloud services include software solutions development and infrastructure services, on cloud or in-house server solutions, Office 365 development, integration, implementation etc.

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