Anders Møller Andersen knows how to provide the best solution for businesses

Anders started as a developer in 2013 and showed great insight into understanding the customer’s needs. Therefore, Anders makes always sure that the projects reach their goals safely and on time. He is development manager of Uptime Development A/S in Denmark now and have experience in both programming and business knowledge. So, he knows exactly how to give the best solution to business clients.

How did you get to Uptime?

I started in the company when there were only four employees. I had just finished my education and sent an unsolicited application to Ronni Madsen. I was called into an interview and started the next Monday after that. I have been with Uptime in Denmark for 6 years now and still loving it!

What did you do before?

Before, I studied a web developer education in Denmark. So, this was my first real job. I did some freelance jobs for various people found online before.

When You first turned into software development and why?

I started getting interest in software development at the age of 13. It all started with the mindset of developing my own games, but that was not easy. So, I started writing some Visual Basic code and later found my way to develop in PHP. Up through the primary school i created simple websites for school projects and presentations.

How did you become a development manager and what does this job mean?

After a few years in the company, I proved my skills within software development, and I was pretty quick to understand our clients business and convert that into valuable software.

What have you learned the most from your current work and company, what has been the most necessary experience?

Pretty much everything that I know today. But to name a specific thing, I think it should be something like creating the best software for a client. You need to understand their business and must be critical to the solutions even if they think it is already the best.

I have seen clients often who think that their solutions are already good. But when you have experience in both programming and business knowledge, you can give them the best solution.

What are you currently working on, what are the major projects underway?

I am currently working for the global leader in offshore wind power. We are building a new tool for managing both their internal and external resources. I have been working on this system for about a year now, and it will continue at least until summer 2021.

What do you like most about Uptime?

I like that we are a large organization, but not very high to the ceiling. Everyone is equal, no matter what your role is in the company. And if there are any problems, your co-workers are ready to help you out.

Also, as an employee you can help to shape the company going forward. If you have a new technology that is a good fit for the client or idea, people are listening you.

What do you do in your free time, what are your hobbies?

I had my first child in August with my girlfriend, which also mean that we are currently in the progress to build a house, so for now that is taking up a lot time.

When I get a few hours free, I do my hobbies. I am teaching new technologies. Currently I am working on a side project in .NET Blazor and creating an internal app for our employees in Denmark. That helps them manage sick days, working from home etc.

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