Alexela’s updated fuel card software helps plant trees by refuelling a car

Alexela, Uptime’s long-term software development partner, has set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest. This means that the company will no longer emit additional carbon dioxide (CO2) after ten years. All customers can also contribute to this climate goal by reducing their carbon footprint by refuelling. Uptime helped to update Alexela’s fuel card transaction management software so that refuelling clients could donate part of their rebate to tree planting.

In addition to developing environmentally friendly refuelling solutions, Alexela has donated ten trees to each of the company’s employees to neutralize their carbon footprint as part of a community program. Alexela’s customers, on the other hand, can do good to the environment by reducing their ecological footprint by donating one cent for every liter refuelled for planting trees. Alexela adds another cent to it. One planted tree costs 25 cents.

Thus, when refuelling in Alexela, several trees gradually accumulate on the customer’s “account” until it becomes a forest. In Alexela self-service, you can choose the location of Your trees and share it with friends.

Uptime has previously developed Alexela fuel card transaction management software, added a new tree planting campaign module and related reporting module now. The logic of the customer’s final benefit had to be updated so that Alexela’s software would be able to take into account the customer’s participation in the campaign in the bonus calculations. At the time of the transaction, the payment terminal can request online from Alexela software the appropriate discount rate for a specific customer.

With the latest development, a new form has now been added to Alexela’s self-service, where the customer can join the forest plantation, monitor the number of trees they have collected and the amount of CO2 neutralized with it. To date, Alexela’s customers have planted more than 13,000 trees and saved more than 8,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. For example, You can drive 3700 kilometers without a carbon footprint for one tree.

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Alexela fuel card transaction software and self-service environment help the fuel company to manage discount campaigns and customers to perform the necessary activities in the self-service environment without the help of a service provider. The system also issues invoices to customers, monitors the receipt of payments and prepares reports based on selected data.

See more about the software created for managing Alexela fuel card transactions here:

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