98% of clients would recommend Uptime to their business partners

Like every summer, before the big holiday season, we once again met the results of the past year and looked at our customers how they were satisfied with the services of Uptime.

The results were good in the previous survey and customers are largely satisfied with our work, but it does not mean that in the meantime, we are not looking for ways to further improve ourselves.

The results of this year were also good and largely comparable to last year.

According to our survey, 98% of Estonian respondents would recommend us to their business partners (95% in the previous year). Uptime has exceeded expectations for 48.14% of respondents (last year 21.4%) – a significant increase.

Uptime as partner was the most appreciated in terms of competence and professionalism; in comparison with that, we received slightly less points for dealing with issues and problems, which we will certainly make sure we can improve in the future.

Customer comments revealed that we have to hire more people in the near future – several clients suggested this and we are planning to do it.

One long-term customer thought this way: “There have been good times and not so good times, it also happens in best co-operations. But we’ve all come out of the hole with success. Thank you! Keep so! ”

Thanks for all the contributors!

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev